Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Restore a Perkier, More Youthful Bust with
​​​​​​​Breast Lift Surgery

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Breast lift surgery is designed to give you more youthful, perky breasts. Dr. Jason K. Potter is a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon with the artistic vision and technical skill necessary to provide you with beautiful, natural-looking results. During the procedure, Dr. Potter will use discreet incisions to reshape your breast and nipple to achieve a better contoured appearance. If you are concerned with sagging after weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding, or aging, consider a breast lift. Contact our Dallas office today to schedule a consultation and learn more.

Breast Lift Types

Your breast lift surgery may be performed using one of several techniques. Dr. Potter works closely with each patient to evaluate the level of breast sagging she has experienced, her skin elasticity, and the aesthetic goals she has in mind. Dr. Potter will ultimately help you determine what type of lift is best for you.

The Crescent Method

The crescent lift method is performed through incisions above the areolae. As its name implies, the incision is shaped like a crescent, and is created along the curved upper part of the areolae. Excess skin above the incision is removed, and the nipple edge is reattached higher up on the breast to the remaining skin. This technique results in very well-hidden, minimal scarring. It is best for women who require only a small amount of enhancement.

The Donut Method

The donut lift, or periareolar lift, is designed for patients with a moderate amount of sagging and excess skin. Using this technique, Dr. Potter creates incisions around the full circumference of the areolae. He removes a circular strip of skin by making another, wider circle around the first. The nipple and remaining skin are then reattached, creating a more taut shape. If necessary, patients can elect to have their nipples reduced during this surgery.

The Lollipop Method

The lollipop lift is similar to the donut technique, but uses an additional vertical incision that extends from the nipple down to the crease below the breast. This additional incision allows Dr. Potter more access to reshape breast tissues and remove a greater amount of excess skin than with the donut method alone.

The Anchor Method

The most intensive type of breast lift, the anchor technique is suitable for women with substantial sagging. Incisions are made around the areolae, from the nipple down to the crease beneath the breast, and horizontally across this crease. This technique results in the most scarring, but it can provide the most substantial lifting. It is often preferred by patients who are also undergoing a breast reduction.

Benefits and Other Considerations

Nearly any patient concerned with sagging skin and low-hanging breasts and nipples may be a candidate for breast lift surgery. A breast lift can improve patients' self-confidence and help them fit more easily in bras, swimsuits, and other form-fitting clothing. In many cases, breast lift patients also choose to undergo breast augmentation. While breast lift alone can restore a beautiful shape to the bust, the addition of implants can restore or enhance natural volume and projection.

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Regardless of which type of lift you choose, Dr. Potter has the experience and precise technique needed to restore a natural, improved appearance. To learn more about breast lift surgery, contact Dr. Potter's office today.