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Oct 14

Many patients wonder what's the best age for plastic surgery. The answer depends on the treatment. Learn more as we look at age and plastic surgery.

Sep 13
Tagged with: Rhinoplasty
Rhinoplasty patients will need some time to heal properly. This nose job post-op timeline can help you understand the nature of facial plastic surgery.
Aug 14

Plastic surgeon Jason K. Potter prepares patients for what to expect during their mommy makeover recovery.

Jul 14
The risk of infection from cosmetic plastic surgery is generally low. There are certain things patients can do to reduce chances of post-op complications.
Jun 13
Bruising is a common side effect after plastic surgery. Let's consider how to make the discoloration fade sooner as you recover.
May 14

Swelling is a common plastic surgery side effect. Cosmetic surgeons can provide post-op care to help reduce and manage this problem during healing.

Apr 13
Tagged with: Plastic Surgery

How soon will you be able to return to work after plastic surgery? Find out the factors that will determine the answer to this question.

Mar 15

Although the liposuction recovery timeline will differ from patient to patient, we present you with a general idea of what you can expect.

Feb 14

Plastic surgeon Jason K. Potter prepares patients for the side effects that can be expected after breast reduction surgery.

Jan 13
Tagged with: Plastic Surgery
While exercise is important, it's more important to rest after plastic surgery. Here is a timeline for physical activity after your surgery.

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