Refresh Your Face for a New You

Facial Plastic Surgery Dallas, Southlake, Plano

Your face is the source of your expressions; the people you interact with focus on it in order to learn about you and your personality. Because of this, you should only trust the most skilled surgeon to perform facial plastic surgery. Dallas’ Dr. Jason Potter is highly acclaimed for his ability to enhance and achieve balance and aesthetic harmony among your facial features. If you want to learn more about what Dr. Potter’s facial procedures can do for you and your self-confidence, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

face of a woman

If you are experiencing loose or slack skin, or wrinkling of the cheek, jaw, or neck, Dr. Potter can perform a facelift to help you achieve a more youthful appearance. By lifting and repositioning your facial skin, Dr. Potter can make your face appear smoother and firmer. Often combined with other facial plastic surgery procedures such as blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, or brow lift, a facelift can result in a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your face. Dr. Potter’s artistic abilities will help emphasize your best features to make you look and feel great.

As we age, our bodies change from head to toe, and our eyes are no exception. Your upper and lower eyelids can droop and sag over time, giving you a tired, less youthful appearance. With eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, Dr. Potter can remove fatty deposits that cause puffiness, fine wrinkles, or loose and sagging skin that can obstruct your vision. Your eyes are among the first things others notice about you, and Dr. Potter wants you to have the chance to express yourself with confidence.

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Your neck ages even faster than your face; over time, the muscles, fat, and skin begin to sag and lose their natural firmness. Whether age, genetics, or weight loss has caused you to feel insecure about the appearance of your neck, Dr. Potter can help. Neck lift involves surgically altering the soft tissues in your neck to create a more youthful look. Dr. Potter is dedicated to providing highly individualized treatment, and will address your treatment options during your initial consultation. If you have any concerns, this appointment is the best time to discuss them.

Your nose is the central focus of your face, and its angles help to define the rest of your features. If you are unhappy with the size, shape, width, or profile of your nose, you can undergo rhinoplasty with Dr. Potter. Injury, heredity, and additional surgeries can all affect the way your nose looks, but with a single procedure, the aesthetics of your face can be dramatically improved. As with most of our procedures, rhinoplasty can be combined with other facial plastic surgeries offered at our Dallas practice to help you achieve the look you truly want. Contact Dr. Potter today to schedule your initial consultation.

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Dr. Potter’s head and neck reconstructive treatments include surgeries for skin cancer, jaw reconstruction, and the placement of dental implants. Having earned both medical and dental surgery degrees, Dr. Potter has a unique perspective on your overall health. Using the most advanced techniques and cutting-edge technology, Dr. Potter can dramatically improve your health and well-being with these reconstructive procedures.