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Feeling confident in the shape and size of your breasts can play a major role in your happiness. Your feminine figure should be just as you want it, giving you a chance to look great and feel fantastic. Whether you’re looking to increase or decrease the size of your breasts, reconstruct them after a mastectomy, or lift them for a more youthful shape, Dr. Jason Potter can perform a breast procedure to change your appearance and your life. Serving Dallas, Southlake, and Plano, Dr. Potter provides care of the highest standard, treating each of his patients with the respect, courtesy, and compassion they deserve. If you are interested in learning more about what a breast procedure can do for you, contact us today.

woman with augmented breast

If you feel that your breasts are disproportionately small and wish to achieve a more curvaceous figure, Dr. Potter can enhance your bust with breast augmentation surgery. This increasingly popular procedure involves the placement of a saline or silicone implant either above or below your pectoral muscles to increase the fullness of your breasts and give you a more balanced figure. Dr. Potter will schedule a consultation with you to discuss your surgical and implant options. He will advise you as to which surgical method, type of implant, and type of incision will most likely produce the best possible results based on your needs and goals.

Losing one or both breasts to cancer can have devastating effects on a woman’s emotional well-being and self-esteem. Dr. Potter wants every woman to feel as feminine and beautiful as possible, which is why he performs breast reconstruction for patients who have undergone mastectomy. Our practice specializes in all types of breast reconstruction. We are a leading provider of microvascular breast reconstruction including DIEP, PAP and SGAP flaps for the Dallas, Southlake and Plano areas of North Texas. Our practice also provides many options for implant-based breast reconstruction including anatomic shaped silicone gel implants. During your initial consultation, Dr. Potter will explain your options and walk you through the surgical process to assist you with making an informed decision that is right for you. If only single breast needs to be reconstructed, we will provide you with all the options available for the opposite breast to best provide symmetry including the potential for breast lift or augmentation. To rejuvenate your appearance and boost your confidence, ask our Dallas team about these life-changing breast procedures.

woman with reduced breast

Heavy, oversized breasts can be detrimental to both your emotional and physical health. An overly large bust can cause excess strain on your neck, shoulders, and back, and may impair your ability to lead an active lifestyle and find clothing that you feel comfortable in. The feelings of self-consciousness associated with disproportionately large breasts can be as much of an issue as the physical discomfort. If the skin beneath your breasts is irritated or stretched, or your breasts hang low and heavy, breast reduction may be right for you.

Over time, your breasts can lose their youthful shape and firmness. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, aging, and heredity can all play a role in the loss of elasticity in breast skin. Often performed in conjunction with breast augmentation or reduction, breast lift can rejuvenate your feminine profile and give you a more balanced silhouette. The results that you can experience with a breast lift will help to improve your self-esteem and make you feel more confident in your figure. If you are interested in breast lift or another one of our breast procedures, contact Dr. Potter at his Dallas office today.