Top Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips

Top Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips

Top Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips


Top Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips​​​​​​​


Anybody who needs a tightened and contoured midsection often considers the benefits that a tummy tuck can offer. While the results are certainly incredible, the procedure itself is one of the most invasive cosmetic surgeries that are available. There is a lot that goes into the procedure itself, so the recovery time can be extensive. However, following a few simple tips can ensure that your recovery time goes as smoothly as possible.


Move Around


You won’t be able to get back into the full swing of things right away, but you should start moving as soon as you can. A short walk every day will promote better circulation. Proper circulation can encourage a faster recovery.


Don’t Overdo it


While moving around a bit is good for recovery, make sure that you’re not overdoing it. Pay attention to your body, and make sure to rest when you need it.


Eat Well


Healthy food is one of the best ways to promote a faster healing process. Make sure that you’re eating foods that are healthy and balanced. Eating protein-rich and healthy fat foods can encourage the skin around the incision site to heal faster. Take care to avoid fatty processed foods.


Wear Compression Garments


Your doctor will suggest wearing compression garments during the healing process. Not only does it help your skin re-drape over the body, but it can also keep swelling down to a minimum. It’s a good idea to wear the compression garments throughout the day as well as at night when you go to sleep.


Manage Your Pain


Make sure that you take prescribed pain medication as outlined by your doctor. You want to allow your body time to rest and recovery with limited pain, especially during the first few days following the procedure.


Manage Nausea


Sometimes, when people undergo anesthesia, they may experience some nausea immediately after surgery. A good idea is to have some crackers and water on hand to help keep nausea at bay. Talk to your doctor if your nausea worsens or doesn’t improve shortly after surgery.

Drink Plenty of Water


Proper hydration is crucial during the recovery time. Drinking plenty of water prior to the procedure will help reduce the chances of complications. And staying hydrated after the procedure will prevent dehydration and promote a faster recovery.


Sleep Inclined


An inclined sleeping position will reduce the pressure on the incision site. It may also help with swelling. You can use body pillows or other cushions to help keep your body propped up throughout the night.


Talk to Your Doctor


If you notice any changes or simply want to know more about what you should expect, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor. That peace of mind will go a long way in making sure that you’re doing everything you can to have a faster recovery complication-free.




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