The Perfect Age for Getting a Facelift | How to Get the Best Surgical Result

The Perfect Age for Getting a Facelift | How to Get the Best Surgical Result

The Perfect Age for Getting a Facelift | How to Get the Best Surgical Result


The Perfect Age for Getting a Facelift | How to Get the Best Surgical Result​​​​​​​


Whenever people think about a facelift, they are often reminded of distressingly unnatural and strange-looking facial features. As long as a highly trained, qualified cosmetic facial plastic surgeon performs the surgery, that alarmingly defective appearance will never happen. As a matter of fact, a facelift also referred to as rhytidectomy, can dramatically enhance a person’s looks, making him or her seem years younger.


The Best Time to Get a Facelift Surgery


There is no magic number when it comes to getting a facelift. Your decision to get this procedure is a personal one, and largely depends on how you think and feel about yourself in your age bracket.


However, if you are in your mid-forties or early fifties, that would be the optimal age to get the best surgical results. This is because people in this age category typically still have enough skin elasticity to realize optimum effects.


While people in their early 20s can already notice signs of aging, knowing the perfect age for facelift surgery can remarkably improve its outcome. All you need to understand is that getting a facelift too early may be useless as the signs of aging accelerate as years go by. Meaning, it’s not unheard of for one to undergo repeat surgeries to keep that fresh, youthful appearance. But, having a facelift too late is also not ideal because the results may be too obvious. Remember that facelift surgery aims to preserve and maintain your face. Doing it in your 60s may no longer be as aesthetically pleasing as you hope it to be.


Good Candidates for a Facelift Surgery


On average, individuals aged between 35 to 65 can appreciate the benefits of a facelift. Nevertheless, anyone in sound health who is starting to see the following signs of aging on their face could be a good candidate:


  1. Crow’s feet

  2. Wrinkles underneath the eyes

  3. More obvious laugh lines

  4. Deep lines around the nose

  5. Less defined jawline due to jowls

  6. Development of verticle muscle bands, excess fat deposits, or sagging of the skin on the neck


Aside from your skin condition, some of the other factors considered to qualify for a facelift include genetics and lifestyle. The volume and quality of your skin are a crucial component to project a youthful look. Unfortunately, pollution, years of sun exposure, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, smoking, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, and other hazardous substances can hasten the aging process. These can lead to the early onset of fine lines, which can develop into permanent creases on your face and neck.


With the cost of facelift surgery and the amount of time needed to recover, it is essential to safeguard yourself by getting the procedure done at the best age for you as an individual. Equally important is finding an expert who can achieve your desired results.


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