Rhinoplasty Revision: When and Why It May Be Necessary

Rhinoplasty Revision: When and Why It May Be Necessary

Rhinoplasty Revision: When and Why It May Be Necessary


Rhinoplasty Revision: When and Why It May Be Necessary​​​​​​​

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Statistics show that five to ten percent of people who have undergone rhinoplasty resort to revision procedures. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons is aware of this common need. Rhinoplasty is a complex procedure. Finding the right surgeon for it is often challenging. Knowing why and when a rhinoplasty revision may be necessary is important. Here are the details that you must consider before you go through another surgery again.


The Nose Is Not Balanced


You may feel that your nose does not have a good shape or symmetry after your rhinoplasty. This is a strong motivator to get revision surgery. There is always a risk of getting a rhinoplasty revision if the surgery is poor. Through the second surgery, you can achieve a more even, natural look to match the shape of your face.


There Is Lingering Disappointment


A lack of patient-doctor communication may result in unfavorable results. The disappointment may overwhelm you, especially if the doctor did not consider your requests. The doctor you chose may not have the experience to handle your case as well. Remember that your nose should be proportional to the rest of your facial features. Your doctor must see to it that your procedure fits your needs.


The Nose Is Not Working the Right Way


A proper rhinoplasty must result in a better-looking nose that functions the right way. You may experience breathing and sinus problems after the procedure. This may cause discomfort, especially while sleeping. A rhinoplasty revision can correct the look and function of your nose. You can then experience a higher level of confidence and better health.


The Results Look Unnatural


Your procedure may have resulted in the removal of too little or too much tissue. This can result in an unnatural look. The error can also result in scar tissue formation. This will need removal right away. Here are the following errors that can make your nose look very unnatural:


  • A shortened nose will appear stubby and short. This is often the result of removing too much cartilage.

  • A pinched tip is when the end of your nose looks compressed. This leads to difficulty breathing and poor aesthetics. The tip of the nose will not have the support it needs.

  • A crooked nose results from a period of trauma. This makes your nose unnatural and uneven. The previous rhinoplasty may also result in a twisted nose.


Injury Since the First Rhinoplasty


Your first rhinoplasty can improve the function and shape of your nose. But this procedure does not protect your nose from physical harm. Your nose is more fragile after restructuring. After an injury or accident, you will need rhinoplasty revision. This will repair your damaged nose.


Having a rhinoplasty revision can improve the look and function of your nose if something went wrong after the first rhinoplasty. At Jason K. Potter, MD, DDS, we always aim to bring quality cosmetic treatments and procedures. Please visit our clinic in Dallas, Texas, for an in-person consultation. Call us at 214-892-2474 to set an appointment or ask about our rhinoplasty revision packages.