Rhinoplasty for Breathing Problems: How Surgery Can Improve Your Health

Rhinoplasty for Breathing Problems: How Surgery Can Improve Your Health

Rhinoplasty for Breathing Problems: How Surgery Can Improve Your Health


Rhinoplasty for Breathing Problems: How Surgery Can Improve Your Health​​​​​​​

Rhinoplasty for Breathing Problems​​​​​​​

If you experience breathing difficulties, you can find out if a nose job can help resolve them. Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic procedures for both men and women. 


Apart from the aesthetic benefits, nasal surgery can improve the individual’s breathing. Rhinoplasty helps alleviate nasal blockage and reshape the nose, improving its function and appearance. 



Getting Rhinoplasty


Rhinoplasty can help improve the appearance of the nose. As it sits prominently on the face, it can define an individual’s appearance. It should complement the face. 


Many people are unhappy about the appearance of their nose and seek surgery to alter its shape or size. For others, rhinoplasty is not just for cosmetic reasons but for improving function. Certain nasal features can make it hard to breathe, affecting an individual’s overall health.



What Rhinoplasty Can Do


Rhinoplasty can enhance the overall appearance of the nose. It is mainly sought for the following benefits:


  • To remove a bump or hump on the nose bridge

  • To straighten a crooked or uneven bridge

  • To fix a wide bridge

  • To correct a hooked or upturned nose tip

  • To reduce large nostrils

  • To correct an asymmetric nose from injury or trauma



Rhinoplasty for Breathing Problems


Surgeons stage rhinoplasty to change the nasal skin, bone, and cartilage. While it has cosmetic benefits, the surgery can also be functional. There are medical concerns that make rhinoplasty necessary. 


Many people experience breathing problems that cause frequent colds, nose bleeds, dry mouth, snoring, and sleeping difficulties. A nose job can change the shape or size of the nose, clearing the obstruction. Malformed nasal structures often cause breathing problems.



What Causes Nasal Obstruction 


Several issues can cause nasal obstruction, resulting in breathing problems. They include:


  • A narrow nasal bridge or small nostrils

  • A deviated septum

  • Enlarged mucosal structures in the nose

  • Congenital disorders, such as cleft palate

  • A nasal valve collapse due to trauma or injury

  • Nasal masses or polyps


The most common reason to get functional rhinoplasty is for a deviated septum. It occurs when the nose cartilage is crooked or off-center, making it difficult to breathe well. 



Benefits of Functional Rhinoplasty 


Breathing through the nose helps regulate airflow and prevent illnesses, such as the flu and colds. It also reduces the risk of developing tooth decay. Structural issues can disrupt airway function, making it difficult to breathe. 


Rhinoplasty can straighten the partition between the nasal cavities, making it easier to breathe out of both nostrils. Nose surgery can improve the patient’s quality of life while improving their appearance. 


If you suffer from persistent breathing difficulties, you can benefit from rhinoplasty. Surgery preparation involves an assessment of your health, a review of your medical history, and several lab tests. Surgeons will develop an individualized treatment plan for you. 


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