Pre-Surgery Tips for Self-Care

Pre-Surgery Tips for Self-Care

Pre-Surgery Tips for Self-Care


Pre-Surgery Tips for Self-Care​​​​​​​

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Getting prepared for plastic surgery could be overwhelming, and you may be feeling anxious. Whether you’re having a facelift, body, or breast procedure, pre-surgery self-care tips are needed for great results. These five simple self-care tips will prepare you for the process, and of course, a smooth recovery.

Opt for Healthy Meals

Choosing healthy meals not only prepares you for the cosmetic process but also aids quick recovery. You can prevent being confined to a sickbed after your plastic surgery by eating healthily ahead of the procedure. According to research, high levels of preoperative blood sugars often lead to surgical complications. Avoiding processed foods and drinks with high sugar contents is recommended. To prepare your system before surgical procedures, including plastic surgeries, here are some healthy food options to consider:

  • Plant-based diets

Plant-based diets, especially fruits and vegetables, are packed with phytochemicals and vitamins that reduce the risk of inflammation. Examples include strawberries, citrus, and mangoes.

  • Proteins and healthy fiber

Proteins and healthy fiber boost immunity and account for a healthy body mass. Healthy fibers also enhance metabolism and keep the digestive system regular. Lean meat, chicken breast, and almonds are some examples.

  • Water

Drinking enough water keeps you hydrated and boosts your metabolism.

Avoid Alcohol and Cigarettes

Excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco products can lead to surgical complications. Smoking lowers immunity, ultimately leading to blood clots and delayed healing of wounds.

It is also believed that smoking speeds aging. To get better results and maintain your appearance after your cosmetic procedure, you should consider avoiding alcohol and cigarettes at least one month before the surgery.

Get Enough Rest

Just as you plan to eat nutritious meals and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you also need plenty of rest and sleep. If getting enough rest pre-surgery requires you to take some time off work or clear your schedule, then it is a good idea to plan ahead. Make sure you create a serene and quiet environment at home to rest in for as long as needed.

Get Physically Active

Physical inactivity post-surgery can expose patients to blood clots. As a pre-surgery self-care tip, you should consider getting active by swimming, walking, jogging, or skipping at least 30 minutes daily. Exercising keeps you stronger and mentally balanced, helping you get back on your feet shortly after plastic surgery.

Get a Helping Hand

Getting a trusted friend or family member to support you is necessary when embarking on a surgical procedure. They could drive you to and from your plastic surgery appointments. Family and friends are quite helpful, especially during the recovery process or in the event of side effects. Make sure you arrange for someone to help you with the kids and house chores after your surgery. That way, you will have more time to rest and recover properly.

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