Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard During Your Breast Reconstruction Journey

Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard During Your Breast Reconstruction Journey

Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard During Your Breast Reconstruction Journey


Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard During Your Breast Reconstruction Journey​​​​​​​


Breast cancer is becoming a common occurrence in society today. More women are opting to undergo mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. This choice sounds drastic, but it has been proven to increase the chances of fighting cancer and increasing the quality of life. Having a double mastectomy is a hard and very personal decision. It requires a lot of research, dedication, encouragement, and support from family and friends.

Make Sure It’s the Right Decision

Breast cancer survivors and previvors have already gone through a roller coaster of decision-making. Before they are presented with the question of whether to go through with a mastectomy or not, they have already been through the most. It is important to weigh all the available options before getting to this one.

Different patients have different circumstances, so you cannot base your decision on another case. You may receive advice from doctors, other patients, friends, and family, but in the end, what matters is your voice.

Seek Different Opinions

Your doctor should lay all the options on the table for you. Before you settle on a decision, seek different opinions from different specialists. Some doctors have advocated for mastectomies, while others believe it might not be the right path. Do your extensive research and find out as much as you can as you listen to different opinions.

Look out for patterns and stick to facts rather than speculations. Talk to other patients and look at their results. Look at your options in-depth, and do not shy away from asking questions about them. If your doctor is not willing to offer the service that you feel is good for you, seek other opinions. Keep in mind that what you feel sometimes might not be the best medical decision for you.

Consider What Happens After the Surgery

Consider the long-term consequences of your decisions. A double mastectomy sounds very grim and unpleasant. However, medicine has advanced, and there is life after the mastectomy surgery. First of all, if it gets rid of all cancer, that is reason enough to celebrate. The other thing to consider is what to do after the surgery. There are many options that you can consider for reconstruction.

Most women settle for basic reconstruction. However, upon further research, you realize that you can have flawless reconstruction and resensation surgery. This type of surgery not only restores your breasts but also restores sensation. It encourages women to know that there is a possibility to help them feel whole again.

Keep Your Support System Throughout

Going through a mastectomy is an ordeal that can take a toll on the patient. Sometimes, people give up in the middle since they have no more energy to pull through. Don’t feel the pressure of losing your support group when the big things are out of the way. Keep them around for the big things and the little things. The stronger the support system, the more strength you will have to pull through. Most importantly, always take your time and do not make quick decisions.

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