Is There a Weight Requirement for Breast Augmentation?

Is There a Weight Requirement for Breast Augmentation?

Is There a Weight Requirement for Breast Augmentation?


Is There a Weight Requirement for Breast Augmentation?​​​​​​​

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Breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty is a type of surgery that increases breast size. In the procedure, your doctor will place breast implants under your chest muscles or breast tissue. You should have a comprehensive consultation with your surgeon if you are considering this procedure. 

The consultation ensures you understand what breast augmentation surgery involves. This should also include the potential risks and complications of the procedure. Moreover, you will be informed about follow-up care. 

Why Breast Augmentation?

For some people, the procedure is aimed at boosting their confidence. For other people, it could be part of breast-rebuilding for certain conditions. Yet, one question that comes up is about weight. Women wonder whether there is a weight requirement for this procedure. Here is a look at what experts say:

Weight Requirements

Many experts agree that there are nobody mass index (BMI) or weight restrictions for this surgery. This is true if your weight is stable. As long as you are healthy and do not have medical issues that may interfere with the procedure or healing, you are good to go. On the other hand, although there are no weight restrictions for this surgery, doctors have recommendations. 


The majority of surgeons who perform this procedure agree that your BMI should be at its optimal. This means that they do not recommend performing the surgery on obese people. This is a general rule for any cosmetic procedure. It is safer because it reduces the risk of complications. Additionally, some doctors believe that the optimal body mass index for such elective surgeries should be about 30 or below. 

Losing Weight

According to experts, if you exceed the recommended BMI limit of 30, it is advisable to work on your weight first before undergoing breast augmentation. You can join a prolific fitness and weight loss program as recommended by your surgeon. 

After achieving a safer BMI, you may proceed with the surgery. Again, it is not a requirement but a strong recommendation from qualified specialists.

Breast Augmentation and Proportionality

Your weight should be pretty stable when undergoing this procedure. This is essential because the outcome of breast augmentation can be easily affected by changes in weight. For this reason, many factors are considered before your surgeon can recommend the correct size for the implants. 

These include your frame and size. Doctors will recommend bigger implants if you have wide hips and shoulders than they would for leaner women. 

During the planning stage, your body size greatly influences the size of implants you will get. Weight changes may significantly alter the appearance of your results. For instance, if you lose a lot of weight after breast augmentation, the new implants might lose some fullness or start to droop. Also, if you gain considerable weight, your new breasts may increase in size to the point that you are not comfortable.

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