Is a Botched Breast Augmentation Fixable?

Is a Botched Breast Augmentation Fixable?

Is a Botched Breast Augmentation Fixable?


Is a Botched Breast Augmentation Fixable?​​​​​​​

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Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures around. The surgery helps change or improve the appearance of the breasts. The procedure usually involves altering the size or position of the breasts. 


The procedure usually produces positive results. However, there is always the risk of a botched breast job. There are different reasons why a breast augmentation can go wrong. The idea of fixing the problem may not always be desirable, but it is often necessary and effective.


Causes of Botched Breast Augmentation


It is easy to assume that a botched boob job is a result of using an unskilled or inexperienced doctor. The fact is that the procedure can go wrong even under the watch of a highly skilled surgeon. When it comes to plastic surgery, there is no guarantee that the procedure will go according to plan. 


Issues can emerge even after successful surgery, resulting in botched augmentation. Some unforeseen issues can occur, including deformities. Implant abnormalities can also cause healing irregularities. 


Signs of a Botched Breast Augmentation


Several signs indicate poor breast augmentation. If the new breasts look too fake, it is a sign of bad augmentation. If the client were looking for a less obvious change, she would be unhappy with the results. The new breasts being the wrong size can also be a problem that will require revision. 


Capsular contracture is a problem that occurs when implants become too hard due to the formation of scar tissue. This can lead to pain, and the breasts look disfigured, requiring subsequent surgery. Other issues that need fixing are ruptured and mispositioned implants. 


Fixing a Botched Breast Augmentation


If you are unhappy with the results of your breast augmentation, you do not have to live with the consequences. The good news is that you can get the problem fixed. A great augmentation job should leave the breasts looking identical and perfectly symmetrical. To look natural, they need to be in the right position with the right distance apart. 


Fortunately, if your breast augmentation does not produce the desired results, the problem is usually fixable. The only way to fix the problem is through another surgical procedure. 


Pregnancy and Breast Augmentation


Doctors will usually recommend that you wait until your last pregnancy before getting breast augmentation surgery. The reason for this is that pregnancy changes the breasts. The increase in volume during the pregnancy, followed by loss of volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding, affects the breasts. 


There is tissue redistribution, and the skin around the breasts stretches, which can result in changes in the implant position. If you get pregnant after a breast augmentation procedure, it will affect the results of the procedure.


Performing Revision Surgery


Surgery to fix a botched breast augmentation is often referred to as revision surgery. This is a procedure carried out to correct the results of previous surgery. The surgeon will plan the revision surgery according to the patient’s individual needs. 


This means that every revision surgery will be different. Repairing a capsular contracture will require a different technique from implant malposition or fixing changes due to pregnancy. If you experienced botched breast augmentation, talk to a plastic surgeon about revision surgery.


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