How Long Does It Take for Breast Implants to Feel Normal?

How Long Does It Take for Breast Implants to Feel Normal?

How Long Does It Take for Breast Implants to Feel Normal?


How Long Does It Take for Breast Implants to Feel Normal?​​​​​​​


There are numerous shapes and sizes of breasts, including round or narrow, small or large, and asymmetrical or teardrop. Breast implants are a way of modifying them for those who are not happy with theirs. The modification they need is cosmetic surgery.

Many people across the globe undergo the procedure annually. However, there is still some confusion surrounding the recovery process and the expectations after the surgery.


Length of Recovery

The length of recovery differs depending on the details of your procedure, health status, and postsurgical care. However, there is an average timeline for most people. For breast implants involving subglandular augmentation, recovery may take around three weeks.

With the submuscular technique, recovery may span up to 12 weeks. Know that this is just the healing time and not when the implants begin to feel normal. That takes a bit longer.


What to Avoid Before Surgery

Many seem not to know that recovery heavily depends on what you do before the surgery. You do not have to limit your physical activity days or weeks before the operation.

However, there are some supplements and medications that you should avoid. One of the main culprits here is anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen and aspirin. They tend to increase bruising and bleeding during surgery.

Stay away from supplements and vitamins like fish oil, vitamin E, garlic, and Ginkgo Biloba for around two weeks before and after the surgery. They have the same characteristics as anti-inflammatory medications.


First Week of Recovery

Like any other invasive procedure, recovery from breast implants varies. After the operation, it is advisable to get plenty of rest and place ice packets on your breasts. The ice helps control the pain and keep the swelling down. Some surgeons may include drains around the operation area to help remove wound fluid.

After 24 to 48 hours of the procedure, you may experience some irritation around the incisions. Most doctors recommend that you walk around in the first weeks of recovery. Walking helps remove stiffness, reduces pain, and encourages blood flow to the region.

The first stage of healing typically takes three to five days. After this, you can comfortably go back to work if you have a desk job. However, it is safer to give it a week of recovery or more if you have a physically demanding job.



After the breast implant surgery, the pain you experience depends on several factors. You may feel some soreness in the muscles when raising or moving your arms. After the operation, you may have a burning feeling around the incisions. The burning sensation will subside quickly.


Softening of Implants

After the surgery, your breast implants will feel high set and hard. These are not the results of the procedure. The softening process or fluffing lasts anywhere between eight to 24 weeks. Any longer than this will require medical intervention. As time goes by, your implants will settle into the breast pocket.

During surgery, the doctors create an envelope for the implant that gradually expands during the healing process. Over time, your breast tissue will soften and make the implants look and feel normal. In rare cases, the breasts may not heal together. One may feel softer than the other. If this continues six months after the procedure, visit your plastic surgeon.

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