How Effective Is a Neck Lift?

How Effective Is a Neck Lift?

How Effective Is a Neck Lift?


How Effective Is a Neck Lift?​​​​​​​

Neck Lift​​​​​​​

When it comes to caring for your aging skin, you should not focus on your face only. Due to unhealthy lifestyle habits, environmental factors, and sun damage, the skin on your neck can show signs of aging. This is why an aging neck contour with sagging skin and wrinkles is one of the most common complaints shared with cosmetic surgeons.


Why You Should Consider Getting a Neck Lift

Age tends to take a toll on the neck. Certain treatments can help make an older-looking neck look significantly younger. Unfortunately, it is usually not enough. Getting rid of loose skin and wrinkling under your chin and on your neck often requires surgical procedures. Most of these procedures come with some risks.

This is why many people opt for a neck lift to improve the appearance of their aging skin. A simple neck lift can make a huge difference. In addition to improving the appearance of the lower face, it usually looks natural. In a certain sense, it sort of gives the patient a lower facelift.


What Is a Neck Lift?

Medically known as a lower rhytidectomy, this cosmetic procedure removes excess fat and skin around the jawline. This creates a youthful-looking and more defined neck to address age-related creasing and wrinkling in the neck area.


What Can a Neck Lift Treat?


  • Loose or sagging neck skin.

  • Excess skin and fat relaxation in your lower face, which creates jowls.

  • The banding of muscle in your neck that causes abnormal contours.

  • Excess deposits of fat under the chin.

If your upper face is still pleasing, a full facelift might not be necessary. If you notice a double chin, too much wrinkling of your neck skin, or jowl lines, however, a neck lift may be your perfect solution.


What a Neck Lift Will Not Do

The cosmetic procedure will not change your fundamental appearance. Also, it cannot stop the aging process. Most non-surgical neck rejuvenation procedures cannot achieve the same results as a neck lift. However, they may delay the time at which you will need a neck lift.


How Effective Is the Procedure?

You are likely to have some bruising and swelling after the procedure. You might also need to wear a special garment designed to compress your neck to reduce swelling. Your cosmetic surgeon will also advise you to keep your head elevated to keep your neck straight and avoid bending or twisting your neck.

It might take several weeks or a few months for the bruising and swelling to fully disappear. Furthermore, it can take up to six months for the incision lines to fade. A healthy lifestyle and lifelong sun protection will help extend the results of your neck lift.

As the bruising and swelling subside, the results of your neck lift will start to appear. The final results will give you a more rested and youthful appearance. They will also give you more self-confidence.

Although you should expect good results from the procedure, there are no guarantees. Sometimes, a neck lift may be unable to achieve your desired results with a single procedure. You may need to undergo another one to achieve the best results. The effectiveness of the procedure, however, will depend on your ability to follow your cosmetic surgeon’s instructions.

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