Could Your Breasts Be the Cause of Your Back Pain?

Could Your Breasts Be the Cause of Your Back Pain?

Could Your Breasts Be the Cause of Your Back Pain?


Could Your Breasts Be the Cause of Your Back Pain?​​​​​​​


Back pain is a common problem that affects people of all ages. It can be due to injury, poor posture, extreme exercise, and other factors. People with upper back pain often experience stabbing pain and aching muscles. Some women with large breasts often have upper back pain or discomfort. Experts believe this could be due to excess weight straining the muscles and ligaments. 


Upper Back Pain


The spine supports the upper back, which functions as an anchor for the rib cage. As with lower back pain, the strain on the upper back muscles and ligaments can lead to pain. The pain is often a result of repetitive movements and poor posture. 


Individuals who perform vigorous exercises or spend time slouched in front of a computer often experience upper back pain. Other factors contributing to back pain are a pinched nerve and high upper body weight. 


Breasts and Back Pain


Back pain is a common problem regardless of an individual’s gender or breast size. But while the research is limited, many big-breasted women suffer from upper back pain. Excess weight on the chest can cause back pain, which can become chronic. 


Lack of adequate support from the surrounding muscles can cause pain. It can also make it difficult to maintain proper posture. Some women with very large breasts are self-conscious, which makes them hunch forward to hide their chest. Poor posture can cause back pain and result in spinal deformity. 


Breast Discomfort 


Studies show that several menopausal women with large breasts experience back pain. Many of them are overweight, and others wear the wrong size bras. Apart from chronic back and neck pain, large-breasted women also deal with bra straps that hurt the skin. 


The breasts limit activities that the women can engage in without discomfort. The body tries to compensate for the discomfort by shifting to an abnormal position. It affects posture and causes pain.


Relieving Back Pain


If you suffer from upper back pain due to large breasts, there are things you can do to find relief. Treatment options range from medications and lifestyle changes to surgery. They include:


  • Customized sports bras help support and distribute the weight of very large breasts. They are especially ideal for women with narrow backs.

  • Exercise and physical therapy can improve posture and boost weight loss. Reducing breast weight can relieve discomfort. 

  • Over-the-counter medications can help relieve upper back pain. Your doctor can also prescribe medications to relieve severe pain, but it is a temporary solution. 

  • Surgery provides a permanent solution to relieve upper back pain. 


Breast Reduction Surgery 


Women with upper back pain due to large breasts can benefit from breast reduction surgery. Surgery helps resolve the problems permanently by improving the patient’s posture. Studies show that women who have had surgery to deal with chronic back pain experience immediate relief. 


Doctors can develop an effective treatment plan for each patient. Wearing the wrong bra size can also cause discomfort. Women with large breasts are more likely to wear poorly-fitting bras, which can lead to poor posture.


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