Cosmetic Surgery Trends for 2020

Cosmetic Surgery Trends for 2020

Cosmetic Surgery Trends for 2020


Cosmetic Surgery Trends for 2020​​​​​​​


People are no longer shying away from cosmetic procedures. More celebrities are admitting to the procedures that they have had done on them which invites more people to try out different procedures. Cosmetic surgery has also come a long way; the newer procedures are less invasive which means more people are comfortable having cosmetic surgery. Some of the procedures expected to remain popular in 2020 include:


People all over the world are obsessed with losing weight especially from stubborn areas like the abdomen. Liposuction is not only popular with the female population but men as well. Therefore, for these reasons, the procedure will continue through 2020. Another advantage of liposuction is that it leaves very few marks on the body. It is also a day procedure, which means that a person can check into a clinic and leave the same day. Very few people require an overnight stay.

Body Contouring


Patients who prefer noninvasive procedures can opt for body contouring instead of liposuction and tummy tucks. However, the results might take longer and range between weeks and months depending on the results a person wants to achieve.

Body contouring is also popular because it targets more areas in the body such as the butt, thighs, bra area, eye surroundings, cheeks, and neck. The process also gives more toned and even skin results. Several body contouring techniques also claim that they can increase muscle mass.
Temperature-based fat reduction, skin tightening, and the many cellulite-reduction techniques fall under nonsurgical sculpting procedures.


Breast Surgeries

Breast augmentation or simply breast enlargement has always been a popular procedure. Women achieve bigger breasts by having implants inserted under the breast tissue or chest muscles. Although several women are still having breast augmentation, a good number are opting for natural busts.

This does not mean that breast augmentation will end; it just means that women are going for smaller implants rather than large ones. Some women who have big implants are swapping their implants for smaller ones or foregoing implants all together and going back to their natural bust. Since some implants have also been linked to cancer, many women are going under the knife to trade their old implants for new safer ones.

There are also talks of breast enhancement surgery that will not require implants. This procedure will involve removing fat from the stomach area and thighs and injecting it into the breast. This procedure will be preferable and safer because the body is less likely to reject fat from its body compared to a foreign implant.

Nose Reshaping

Gone are the days when people would have to have lengthy invasive procedures to reshape their nose. In 2020, plastic surgeons continue to make use of dermal fillers that are not only safe but bring quick satisfactory results as well.


Fillers are noninvasive which means that they will continue to be popular even in 2020. People will also opt for fillers because there are several areas to use them, the most popular being the lips. Fillers can make jawlines, cheeks, and chins appear fuller.

Having the perfect body is achievable in 2020. These surgeries are becoming less invasive and painful. Visit us, Jason K Potter, MD DDS, for a consultation on any of the above procedures. Call us at 214-892-2474 to book an appointment. We are in Dallas, Texas.