Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Benefits of Breast Augmentation


Benefits of Breast Augmentation​​​​​​​

breast augmentation​​​​​​​

For many women, their breasts are an integral part of their appearance. Whether they are large or small, perky or not, how you feel about your breasts can impact all areas of your life, from what you wear to your personal relationships.

Unfortunately, when you are less that satisfied with the way that your breasts look, the psychological fallout can be devastating. You may lose confidence and your self-esteem could take a nose dive. You might feel less feminine than other women. You may even feel unattractive and unsexy, which could have a negative impact on your personal relationships. Patients with smaller breasts often feel less feminine and womanly. Anxiety and even depression due to a patient being unhappy with their appearance are probably more common than you think.


Fortunately, breast augmentation surgery offers patients who dream of larger, perkier breasts an opportunity to achieve the figure they have always wanted. 


Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery is ideal for women who have naturally small breasts, or who have experienced changes to the size or shape of their breasts over time, normally as a result of substantial weight loss, pregnancy and/or breastfeeding. 


Before you can be approved for surgery, you will need to have a consultation appointment with Dr. Potter, where you can discuss your reasons for wanting surgery, and your expectations for the end result. Dr. Potter will use this information, along with an examination of your breasts and information about your health and medical history, to determine if you are a good candidate. He will also make a recommendation as to which type of breast implant is the most suitable for you.


Types of breast implants in augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation surgery involves placing a prosthetic implant into the chest wall. There are two types of implants currently available. These are:

  • Saline implants. These are inserted into your body empty, and then filled with saline solution until they reach the desired size.
  • Silicone implants. These are pre-filled prosthetics available in a range of sizes. Because they are larger, they also require larger incisions to be made into the chest.

Benefits of breast augmentation surgery

Unsurprisingly, the primary benefit of breast augmentation surgery is the new and improved appearance of your breasts. Not only does the procedure make your breasts larger, it can also make them seem fuller, perkier, and sit higher on the chest. These effects often have the added bonus of making the patient appear more youthful. 

Most women have one breast larger than the other. However, in cases where the difference between breast sizes is significant, augmentation surgery can make up the difference between them, giving the patient much greater symmetry. 

The psychological and lifestyle benefits of breast augmentation are another reason why an increasing number of patients are turning to this variety of plastic surgery. Women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery have reported that they:

  • feel more attractive
  • feel more confident
  • feel sexier 
  • have improved self-esteem
  • enjoy shopping for clothes again
  • have better relationships with their partner
  • feel confident enough to embrace new opportunities
  • feel happier and more content with their life


If you dream of larger, perkier, and more youthful breasts, you could benefit from augmentation surgery. Our double board-certified surgeon, Dr. Jason Potter is committed to delivering exceptionally high-quality plastic surgery procedures to women in the Dallas area.

To find out more about breast augmentation surgery, or to book your consultation with Dr. Potter, call our office today at 214-892-2474.