Am I a candidate for Resensation?

Am I a candidate for Resensation?

Am I a candidate for Resensation?


Am I a candidate for Resensation?​​​​​​​

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After a mastectomy, you are likely to experience changes in sensation in your chest area. The main reason for this sensation loss is because doctors remove your sensory nerves during the mastectomy. For most women, the change in sensation in their nipples, skin, and breast persists even after reconstruction. Thus, as much as reconstruction can help restore your breasts’ size, softness, and shape, it may not bring back the sensation. That is where Resensation comes in.


Resensation is a technique used by surgeons to restore the feeling in the breast area after your mastectomy. It reconnects the nerves using a nerve allograft, which is a donated tissue or nerve. After the surgical treatment, your nerves regenerate, restoring the breast sensation. With a good and experienced doctor, you can begin to enjoy a hot shower, a hug from a loved one, or an intimate touch.


Are You a Candidate for Resensation?


To qualify for Resensation, you need to be a candidate for flap reconstruction. Additionally, your doctor may also consider your body type, age, medical history, and general health. Note that you are not a good candidate for Resensation if you have implant reconstruction. But, it can replace implants with your natural body tissue. This gets done as follow-up reconstruction surgery.


How Long Does It Take to Get Back Your Breast Sensation?


It takes quite a while before you start getting any sensations or feelings back in your numb breasts. This is because nerves take time to heal after breast neurotization, which is breast nerve repair. Typically, nerves grow at a rate of one to two millimeters a day. So, it might take you months before you stop experiencing breast numbness. The sensations continue to develop as time goes and might take up to two years to regain your normal senses.


Why Is Resensation Important for Women?


Years back, it was impossible to repair sensory nerves during breast reconstruction, which meant a lack of breast sensation. Breasts are part of the main body organs that complete a woman. Most women value their breast shape, softness, and size, but even more, their sensations.

Most women want to feel an intimate touch, enjoy a cold breeze or a hot shower. With Resensation, women have a chance of getting these feelings back, and so, as much as it may take time, it is worth it. Additionally, it gives women confidence knowing that their breasts feel just as good as they look.


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