3 Contouring Options for Your Post-quarantine Body

3 Contouring Options for Your Post-quarantine Body

3 Contouring Options for Your Post-quarantine Body


3 Contouring Options for Your Post-quarantine Body​​​​​​​

Body Contouring​​​​​​​

The Covid-19 quarantine mandates contributed to changes in exercise and dietary habits. This caused many people to gain weight. Are you hoping to regain your shape? If so, body contouring can help.

If quarantine orders were hard on your body, there is still plenty of time to get in shape. Certain contouring options can help you feel better in a more satisfying and joyous post-Covid world. But before considering undergoing a body contouring procedure, you should break some quarantine habits.


Change Your Exercise and Dietary Habits

You should get back to working out regularly and eating healthy. Even if gym doors in your area remain closed due to restrictions, you can still get out for a walk every day or try an online exercise program. This will help you get rid of some unwanted weight, in addition to improving the results of your body contouring.


Top Body Contouring Options

Body sculpting or contouring involves both non-surgical and surgical procedures. It addresses changes to the body after losing weight. These changes include stubborn fat that resists exercise and dietary changes, sagging abdominal skin, and sagging breasts. Some of the body sculpting options that are ideal for your post-quarantine body include the following:


Tummy Tuck

An abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a surgical procedure aimed to address pockets of fat in the tummy area, weak muscles, and sagging skin. With traditional abdominoplasty, patients leave the hospital with a drain meant to remove excess fluids from the treatment area.  A drainless tummy tuck, on the other hand, avoids the lymphatic system, allowing for the natural drainage of fluids after the procedure.

If you are considering getting a tummy tuck, you should take at least two weeks off from work or school for your recovery. However, if the Covid-19 pandemic is forcing you to work from home, this may be the perfect time to get a tummy tuck. Once your tightness and swelling subside, you should see a firmer and flatter waistline. This will give you the body contours you desire.



This body contouring option targets pockets of stubborn fat that refuse to go away despite exercising routinely. While it is not a weight-loss procedure, liposuction is an effective body contouring option for those close to their ideal body weight.

Liposuction can target stubborn fat in the abdominal area, upper arms, hips, thighs, buttocks, inner knees, back, ankles, calves, and chest. During the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon inserts a cannula through a tiny incision to loosen the unwanted fat. They then suction the broken-up fat out of the body.



This body contouring option is ideal for those looking for a noninvasive body sculpting approach. It involves the freezing of stubborn fat cells in the problem area. The treatment usually lasts less than one hour and shows no signs of scarring. Most patients notice results within one or two months.

Any of these procedures will help you achieve your desired look as the world starts to get back to normal. These body sculpting options are more effective for those who maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

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